VARMS Membership

Welcome to the VARMS Membership Application and Renewal website.

The two activities available on this site are Membership Application and Membership Renewal for the Victorian Association of Radio Model Soaring Inc.

The VARMS public website can be found at the following link - VARMS Public Website.

Membership Application

To apply to VARMS as a New Member follow this link - Application Instructions.

Membership Renewal

To renew your current membership with VARMS follow the instructions at this link - Renewal Instructions.

If your membership with VARMS has lapsed you will need to apply as a New Member again. Follow the link in the above section for Membership Application Instructions.


Website Info

The VARMS Membership Application and Renewal website is only for online management of VARMS memberships. You can find all of VARMS great content at the VARMS Public Website (link).


VARMS Club House 1405 Stud Rd, ROWVILLE, Vic. 3178  Australia

P.O. Box 4096, Knox City Centre, Vic. 3152 Australia